We are expecting puppies with Beam in the beginning of March 2018

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Quickbeam Australian shepehrdsAbout us

our chef
My name is Nadja and I have adored dogs ever since I can remember. It's been more than 10 years ago now that I have seen Australian shepherds for the first time. It was a love at first sight and after a long wait my biggest wish came true in 2006 when I got Ginny. My first dog, my loyal companion and teacher.
Since Beam has grown up into a great dog with perfect health results I've decided to go on the journey of becoming a breeder. In 2017 I have registered an ASCA kennel by the mane Quickbeam. We are planning our first litter in Winter 2017/2018.


We are planning puppies for 2017/2018!

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Ginny is my first dog and my biggest wish come true.

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Beam is a cute and happy dogs with a very stable character.

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