Australian shepherd puppies

We are expecting puppies!

Beam was successfully mated to Rango and we are expecting puppies in the beginning of March. The puppies will have ASCA registration, for more information visit our Puppy page

Australian shepherd puppies

ASCA competition in Austria

Beam and I have attended an ASCA obedience and rally trial in Austria. On the 24th and 25th of Maywe competed in 6 trials – 3 in obedience and 3 in rally. Beam got a qualifying score in all her runs, she showed very nice work and got excellent points. On 2 obedience comeptitions she achieved 1st place with high in trial points. Besides that she also got three 2nd places, one from obedience and 2 from rally.

I’m really happy that even though she had a lot of runs in a very short time she showed high will to work and was happy all the time.

With the results she got an ASCA title CD and RNX.


Herding trial in Italy

Beam has become the first Australian shepherd in Slovenia who has achieved a qualifying score in an ASCA herding trial 🙂 On the 20th and 21st of May 2017 we attended a herding trial in Italy where we competed in Started level on sheep, ducks and cattle. The trial took place on a horse ranch near Cremona and was organised by the wonderful team of Italian club WASIC. Kudos to the team for an xcellent event!

On Saturday Beam has got a qualifying score on sheep and ducks. Her duck run also brought her the High in trial Started, which means that she had the highest points of all started runs of the day.

On Sunday we got qualifying score in all 3 categories – sheep, ducks and cattle, with a 1st place on ducks and cattle! Again she was High in trial Sarted and also High combined Started.

All in all I’m most pleased that she has showed big progress on cattle, which we unfortunatelly don’t have an option to train at home.

To get into the open class we need to get another qualifying score under a different judge.


Nosework competition in Ptuj

Yesterday, on 13th of May 2017, I went to a nosework competition with both my dogs, Ginny and Beam.Even though there were fewer competitiors than usual the competition was really tough. Ginny was competiting in I. level, where she had 2 hidden scents on the first worksite. She found the first scent very fast and made a really nice alert but she had some troubles alerting the second scent. The second worksite was outsite where she found and alerted both scents very nicely. Well done Ginny!

Beam was competing in II level, where there was also one worksite inside and one outside. On the first workside there were 3 hidden scents. Unfortunatelly we didn’t find one of them, which was my mistake. On the second worksite she found all of the scents and won a 2nd place with a very nice work.



A roadtrip to Germany

During the May holidays my friend Mateja, Beam and me went on a road trip! We went to pick up Mateja’s puppy Ost who comes from kennel Rasta 🙂

We took the chance to do some herding training with Beam and had loads of fun!

Our short visit was over too soon and Ost has already gotten his Slovenian passport.


Search and rescue training in Tritol

From 26th to 28th of April 2017 Ginny, Beam and I have attended a search and rescue training in Tritol. I was assigned the role of a group instructor and in 3 days training we have practically went through all of the worksites in Tritol. I dedicated most of the time for Beam’s training, since she is a young dog and needs experience. She didn’t have any problems moving on the rubble and showed great desire to work. For Ginny I made sure she was having fun 🙂