We have puppies!

Our puppies were born on 1st March 2018. We have 6 puppies, 3 females and 3 males. 5 puppies have long tail and one male has a half tail (NBT).

They are all doing great and Beam is a very good mama.

All puppies have great new homes

Parents:Beam and Rango

Beam x Rango

S bar L Okie B Cool DNA VP – Beam

Date of Birth: 22.1.2015
Red tri: red tri
Tail: NBT – half tail
Height: 51 cm; weidth: 17 kg
Hips and elbows: A1/A1,  0/0
OCD: free
MDR1: +/+,
HSF4: +/+ ,
PRA: N/N, free,
CMR1: +/+
CEA: +/+ (clear),
DM: N/DM (carrier)

Herding: STDsc OTDd
Search and rescue: RH-T B, RH-FL A
Rally obedience: RO1 and RO2 exam, ASCA Rally RNX
Obedience: BBH, ASCA Obedience: CDX
Nosework: levels I & II

Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For Durango DNA VP - Rango

Date of birth: 21.8.2013
Color: red tri
Tail: long, docked
Height: 55 cm; weight: 26 kg
Hips and elbows: A1/A1,  0/0
OCD: free
MDR1: +/+,
HSF4: +/+ ,
PRA: PRA/N, carrier,
CMR1: +/+
CEA: +/-, carrier,

Herding: STDsdc
Agility FCI: A1
Agility ASCA: RS-E JS-E GS-E
Obedience: BH-VT

Beam is a very stable dog, she is very open to people and relaxed around children. She doesn't have problems with other dogs and does not have a strong guarding instinct. When she is working she gives her 100%, but also has a very good "off button" and relaxes easily when she is not working. We have started training search and rescue when she was a puppy and she has already passed her first seach and rescue exam. We also try to train herding as much as possible. We've already attended our first trial where she had some very nice runs with qualifing scores in sheep, ducks and cattle. When I have time we do some Nosework, Obedience and Rally, where she shows nice focus and also had good placements at competitions. For more information check out her page.

I asked Rango's owners for his description and this is what they wrote: "Rango is our 100% Jackpot dog. He has a very friendly outgoing character, doesn't have a lot of guarding instinct and gets along with all dogs, even males.  He has a really nice working style on stock. No matter what you offer him, he trys to do it. He is pretty soft in daily life, but not too soft, so he can still handle preassure very well, also when we compete in Agility, where he turned out to be really nice too. Just a nice boy!!"
For more information about Rango you can visit his web page or contact his owners.

I noticed Rango when he was still a puppy and his owners Nina & Stefan imoprted him from the USA. He comes from a well know kennel Crown Point, where they have been breeding working Australian shepherds for decades. Since Rango has grown up to be a great dog and has also convinced me when I met him in person, I decided to choose him for Beam's litter. I also love Rango's sister Cimmi who lives in Germany and she is one of my favourites Aussies at the moment. I belive that Beam and Rango will complement each other very well in their character, working abilities and looks.

We expect puppies with an open and stable character that will be suitable for different kinds of work.




Quickbeam puppy

COI = 12,46%

Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For Durango Crown Point Joey Crown Point Cow Cutter WTCH Crown Point Emperor Napoleon RD
 Wild West Rowdy Rita
 Crown Point Josephine WTCH Crown Point Emperor Napoleon RD
 Crown Point Just By Chance
 Temptation Lucille HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CP  Crown Point Kemo Sabe
 HOF Crown Point KK Khyan
 HOF PCH WTCH Temptation Angel Face HOF WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs
HOF WTCH CH VCH Spring Fever Jitterbug CDX
S bar L Okie B Cool Crown Point S Bar L Interception DNA-VP Crown Point Red Jacks R Wild DNA-VP HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CP
Crown Point Pose DNA-VP
W Lazy J J2 Crown Point Frankie DNA-VP HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc DNA-VP
WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2 RD CD DNA-CP

S Bar L Cow Oak RD DNA-VP



HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP


HOF WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid RTDs PATDs DNA-VP

HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP

My goal is to breed Australian shepherds that have the originial working ability and are healthy with a stable character.

Our puppies will live with us in the house and will have proper socialisation with different people, dogs, materials and sounds. When they are old enough, they will have the chance to explore the outside world where they will gain the very important puppy life lessons.

The puppies will:

  • have ASCA pedigrees
  • be 8 weeks old when they go to their new homes
  • be fed with a high quality food, combining home prepared food and kibble
  • be microchiped
  • be dewormed and vaccinated
  • have their first eye check

For the puppies I'm seeking active owners who want to work with their dog either in a dog sport in search and rescue or herding. Because Australian shepherds need to live with their people they are not suitable for living in the back yard or in a kennel.

About Australian shepherds:

If you are interested in Australian shepherds, I believe it's very important to know that Australian shepherds are a working breed with strong herding and guarding instinct. Even though they look nice and friendly they can be chalenging and need consistency and clear rules. They are very active and need a lot of work and attention, both mental and physical. Among the common problems Australian Shepherds owners might encounter with their dogs are reactivity, fearfulness, excessive guarding (which can be seen in relation to humans or dogs), chasing game, chasing runners and cyclists and so on. Certainly these problems are not something that is in the goal of breeding, especially in the modern urban world, but it is something which can happen and is worth keeping in mind.

If the negative characteristics have not dissuaded you from thinking about getting an Australian shepherd, it's also important to say that the Australian Shepherd can be marvelous companions. What makes them amazing is their will to work and love for working with their owners in any activity you can imagine, be it herding, search and rescue, dog sports or just being active together.